Who is She?


I’m Jelena. A 19 year-old Filipinx-American girl born and raised in the Bay Area. I’m a pre-med student currently attending UC San Diego with a major in Global Health (and potentially Ethnic Studies!)

I listen to a lot of music, I watch a lot of movies, I binge a lot of television shows, I also read a lot of books. And eat a lot of food. I guess you could say I’m well rounded.

I’m not too sure how else to introduce myself, or my blog for that matter. I’d say it’s a public display of the mess that is my life, all the while me /attempting/ to give advice. Like everyone else on this planet, I’m still trying to piece together my identity and how I uniquely exist within my own spaces and communities.

Feel free to take a look!


Pleased to share a part of me with you,

Jelena Mae

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